GLM Training & Consultancy
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Corporate Training

Our corporate training programs are well thought out and tailored to the needs of your business needs.  We pay attention to the course contents as well as enhanced delivery methods to ensure that your employees learning are transferred to the workplace. We conduct up-skilling courses for management, executive, administrative to rank & file employees.

Our training programs are carefully customized and designed to solve strategic challenges, response to customers’ requirements, improve operational productivity and quality performance. We ensure that our training programs offer immense cost-reduction and content-adaptation benefits as a way to maintain long term business relationship.

At GLM, we provide training and development programs tailored to the needs of your organization.  We pay attention to the course contents as well as enhanced delivery methods to ensure that your employees learning are transferred to the workplace. Training can be conducted at your premises or at a facility of your preference.

We conduct up-skilling courses for management, executive, administrative, frontline and manufacturing staff.  Programs can be designed to solve strategic challenges, response to customers’ requirements, improve operational productivity and quality performance, or build high performance organizational culture.

We also render the necesary support to assist you in formulating your training plans to meet your organisational goals and on the application and claim procedures for training grants from PSMB.

All our training programs are designed with our special features :


Course objectives and contents will be designed to meet specific needs of your organisation.


Fees are charged on group basis taking into consideration of the company’’s budget. A maximum of 20 participants is allowed unless otherwise specified.


Training can be scheduled on weekends at no extra costs.

Course Materials

All training materials are provided.


A summary of participants' evaluation and trainer's report will be provided after the programme.


Our training can be conducted in both Bahasa Malaysia and English Language to ensure maximum learning.

Our team of industry experienced consultants with advance degrees can help your staff learn and develop in areas as follows:

  • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
  • Effective Communications, Stress and Conflict Management Skills
  • Effective Setting and Managing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Essential Skills for Managers
  • Executive Development Programme
  • The Heart of Coaching
  • Impactful Leadership Skills
  • Leadership Skills for Managers
  • Negotiation and Influencing Skills
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • The Dynamics of Personal Power & Presence
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work Place
  • Emotion Management
  • Dealing with Work Related Stress & Stress Management
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Tolerance of Change and Uncertainty
  • Dealing with Criticism  Constructively
  • Building Self Confidence and High Esteem
  • Effective Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Branding
  • Dealing with Office Politics
  • The art of Being Assertive
  • Maintaining Work Life Balance
  • "Manage your time or Time will Manage you"
  • Understanding Misconducts and Conducting Effective Domestic Inquiry
  • Understanding the Basics of Employment Act 1955 and Latest Amendments
  • The Art of Managing People and Performance
  • Building, Managing & Leading High Performance Team
  • Coaching & Counseling For Performance
  • Coach Your People Towards Work & Personal Excellence
  • Effective Interviewing Skills & Techniques Workshop
  • Engaging Employees for Higher Performance & Retention
  • Human Resource Skills For Managers
  • Identifying & Analysing Training Needs to Drive Impactful Training
  • Interview Skills for Managers
  • On The Job Training - Broadening Employees' Skills & Increasing Productivity Effectively 
  • Performance Management in The Workplace
  • Talent Management - How to Attract, Retain & Develop for Performance
  • Effective Customer Service and Complaints Management
  • English for Business Communication
  • Maining Level of Service Culture
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Retaining Customers in Tough Times
  • Leading Retail Sales Team
  • Strategic Selling Techniques
  • Successful Selling - How to Sell Professionally
  • Communication Strategies for Business Success
  • Telephone Skills for Customer Service
  • Effective Presentation and Persuasion for Business Sucess
  • Win-Win Negotiation Skills
  • Effective Supervision, Coaching and Mentoring Skills
  • Handling Difficult Employees
  • Kemahiran Penyeliaan Yang Berkesan
  • Kursus Kemahiran Pengurusan dan Penyeliaan
  • Meningkatkan Kecemerlangan Diri Di Tempat Kerja
  • Writing Skills for Executives: Enhance Your Professionalism
  • Trasformational Leasership in driving performance and Productivity
  • The Art of Writing Effective Business Report
  • Important Traits of a Great Leader
  • Lead from the Heart
  • The Winning Attitude
  • Developing the Leaders Around You
  • Becoming a Person of Influence
  • 5S Implementation
  • 7 Alat QC dan Perlaksanaan QCC
  • Identify, Correct and Elimate the Recurrence of Quality Problems Using 8D Approach
  • ISO 9001:2008 QMS Awareness and Internal Quality Auditing
  • ISO TS 16949:2009 Internal Audit Training
  • Process Control: Data Analysis
  • Process Control: Measurement and Calibration
  • Revision of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System-Potential Changes, Key Comparisons and Applications
  • Zero Defect Through QC Monitoring and Improvement Techniques